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1-50 fps

Standard 16mm

Crystal Sync 12, 24, 48 fps

Arri Standard mount or Arri Bayonet

Easy to thread body (all sprockets are in Mags)

Perfect for 2k scans

MOS camera


Arriflex 16MB Camera Body

3x 400' Magazines

2x 200' Magazines

Arriflex 16 periscope viewfinder

Arriflex rheostat motor

Tobin Crystal Sync Motor

Angineux 12-120mm f/2.2 Lens

Century 5.7mm f/2.8 Lens

Schneider 25mm t/1.5 Lens

12V Battery Belt + Charger

Changing Bag

Sachtler 18p Carbon Fiber Tripod

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