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E250 Super Duty Van
Right side of Cargo Area
Left side of Cargo Area
Loaded with simple LX/Grip Package
Side Door Access

3/4 Ton Grip/LX Truck



This E250 SD van has been built to serve as a one-stop-shop for commercials and smaller productions.  Loaded with a 4.8L V8 and a 2" hitch receiver and a 3 bar roof rack, this van can easily arrive on set loaded with a complete grip/lx package and a 25kw generator in tow.

I have built custom shelves and racks in the back with careful consideration for how the van will be used in the field.  There is a separate area for frames (up to 48"x48") that protects them and can be accessed immediately through the side door without unloading any gear.  On one side of the cargo area is a large shelf that holds 8 milk crates and up to baby-junior fresnels.  There is also a large stand rack.

EXT. Northern Canadian Woods - NIGHT

The well stocked grip truck rolls to a stop in the dark clearing, the best boy jumps out and opens the back doors. With the flip of a switch, the area becomes illuminated by the bright work lights.


Wow! Those are some of the best work lights I've ever seen!

(The truck also has really good interior and work lights)

Package Includes

Complete Grip Package

Complete Lighting Package

Expendables (Tape, Sash, Blackwrap, Gel)

Honda 2000is Generator

Dana Dolly Kit

2', 4', 6', 8', 12' Speed Rail

General Purpose Cart.

Pylons, High Visibility Vests, Garbage Bags

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