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Sam Lundell - "Everything"



This was another collaboration between Justin Brunelle and myself.  We approached Sam Lundell though the Vermilion Folk Club to do a music video with him for Telus Storyhive.  Justin and I decided that we wanted to do a music video that was far more performance based than projects we had done in the past.  Emphasis was put on creating a whimsical stage nestled in the trees; the storyline was very simple and was a much smaller part of the project.

I really wanted to use traditional tungsten lights for the performance parts of the video.  The feel we were trying to create was very intimate and personal - I used strings of small 11w bulbs to cast a warm light though the woods in the background and also provide a nice bokeh.  The subjects were lit with small fresnel fixtures and a soft box.  Everything had either a grid or snoot on it to create a small pool of light that the band performed in. I really love how the tungsten rendered colours in the forest floor and reinforced textures.  

- David Baron

Year of Production: 2016

Company: Moving Artistry Productions

Director: Justin Brunelle

DP: David Baron

Running Time: 5:18 min

Camera: Sony PXW-FS7

Principal Photography: 3 Days

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