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Tungsten light is special - the timber of the light reinforces skin tones and reproduces colours in a way that we have evolved to perceive as safe and comforting.  There is just no substitution for that smooth bell curve of black-body radiation centred in the 3000 kelvins.

This package provides great flexibility and could easily light a commercial or medium sized feature with the addition of a few HMI's. 

With over 23,000 Watts spread across 26 tungsten fixtures, we might need some sunscreen.

Kit Includes

2x 100W Fresnel (Inkie)

1x 150W Fresnel (Inkie)

2x 200W Fresnel (Inkie)

6x 300W Fresnel (Betweeny)

4x 650W Fresnel (Tweeny)

2x 2000W Fresnel (Baby Junior)

1x 5000W Fresnel (Baby Senior)

4x 1000W Open Face (Mickey Mole)

4x 1000W PAR64 (Molpar)

1x 500w Leko Zoom)

2x 1000W PAR64 (Stage)

1x 1000W RIFA 88 EX

1x 250W RIFA 44

1x 1000W ZIP Light

4x 1000W Cyc Lights

4x 200w Bare Bulb / Chinese Lantern

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