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Rokinon CineDS Prime Lens Kit



The lenses share a T-stop range of 1.5 to 22. The included lenses feature Canon EF lens mounts and cover full-frame sensors. The lenses are suitable for shooting using available light, and as they all share the same exposure range, there is no worry when changing lenses you will also have to change your lighting or camera settings.

Aperture and focus scales are marked on both sides of the lens, which makes it easier for a focus puller to work either side of the lens. The lenses feature a multi-layer coating providing good contrast, a sharp image, and protection from veiling glare. Industry standard focus and iris gear rings share a common position across the lenses for quick lens swaps when working with lens accessories such as follow focus units. Focus and iris are manual only with no electronic focus or iris control by the camera, and the iris ring is de-clicked, which allows you to make smooth iris pulls during a shot.

Kit Includes


14mm T/3.1    (Covers Vistavision)

16mm T/2.2    (Covers Super 35mm)

24mm T/1.5    (Covers Vistavision)

35mm T/1.5    (Covers Vistavision)

50mm T/1.5    (Covers Vistavision)

85mm T/1.5    (Covers Vistavision)

Pelican 1500 Case

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