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David Baron is a experienced and respected cinematographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. David has over 10 years of experience as a full-time freelance Director of Photography shooting both 35/16mm film and modern digital formats. He has shot projects for broadcasters including: NBC, CBC, Crave, Cottage Life, A24, APTN, CTV and Super-channel. David's most recent DP credits include: “Wild Rose Vet” which will air early 2022 on Cottage Life and APTN; “Blind Ambition: The Wop May Story”, shot on 35mm film, which won Best Documentary Short and an audience choice award at Edmonton International Film Festival; "Queen of the Oil Patch" Season 2 which started airing in June 2020; "The Former Life of Amber Valley" which won a 2018 Canadian Screen Award.

David started photography in high school and quickly discovered a particular interest in lighting. After high school, David attended the University of Alberta. During his time at university, he became involved in many student productions, which eventually lead to working as Cinematographer on a low-budget romantic comedy in 2009. By the time David received a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, he was already working as a freelance Director of Photography and decided to pursue his craft full-time.

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Tel: 780-499-4821


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